Public Relations for Innovators in Media, Technology, and Entertainment

Public Relations for Innovators in Media, Technology, and Entertainment

Results-Focused PR Services

 Pointer PR provides a full range of results-focused public relations services, from baseline strategic planning to tactical implementation.  During the past two decades, Pointer PR principal Mark S. Peterson has spearheaded successful public relations, media relations, crisis communications and training programs for many of the world's most established brands, as well as earlier-stage companies looking to make a name for themselves.  Peterson has directed campaigns for organizations such as Microsoft, US Bank, Minute Maid, and MSNBC and has established in-house PR functions for publicly traded Internet pioneers such as Go2Net and Marchex. 

Pointer PR is dedicated to providing best-of-breed PR services that focus on exceptional results rooted in sound strategy, smart execution, relevant relationships with media and opinion leaders -- and just enough humor to keep the process enjoyable.   To learn more, please contact us today at  


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 PR and Communications Planning:   Pointer PR begins most client engagements with an easy, yet comprehensive communication audit to assess what has (or has not) been done to-date, then develops a plan that contemplates both the company's strategy and its historic efforts in PR and communications.   What are your organization's strategic goals and what can an effective PR and communications program do to further these? 

Media Relations and Press Outreach: Clients benefit from the trusted and relevant media and analyst relationships Pointer PR has built with key print, broadcast, and online media outlets during the past two decades.  Pointer PR can arrange highly targeted one-on-one interviews and press briefings, more extensive press tours to key media markets across the US, or event-based outreach.  Traditional tactics to support media relations include press releases, media advisories, press conferences, planned news events and more.   

Media Training:  How should you and your company prepare to deal with reporters in various settings, ranging from a product launch to a surprise incoming call from the press?   How do you get a journalist to care or even write about your company?  And for the times when you do have media interest, how do you present your company's story most effectively to resonate with the press?  This three-hour session explores media training and provides plenty of time for peer and instructor critique. 

Public Speaking and Presentation Training: Do you or your employees need to do a better job of speaking in public or leading important meetings, but don't have several days' time to devote to an exhaustive training program?  Pointer PR offers a unique training course that packs days' worth of material into a single three-hour session, with enough time for two practice rounds of speaking included.  Clients learn:

1) How to fully prepare for the speech or presentation;
2) Specific delivery tips and techniques;
3) How to evaluate and improve.

As part of the course, all clients receive on-site and follow-up critique.

Writing:  Written communication can sometimes be the most effective and direct way to convey your organization's vision, the value of your product or service, or your opinion on a timely news matter that is highly relevant to your organization.  Pointer PR has years of experience in authoring full-length feature articles, press releases, media advisories, special event scripts, company Web site copy, speeches and more.   

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